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A Winning Tradition Since 1999
USA/ASA Nationals 2nd place finishes three times
     - Local Record of 8 consecutive years of qualifying for
       the ASA Gold National Tournament
Nationally competive schedule including:  
  - Premier/USA/ASA Nationals
  - Elite Entry into Invitation only College Exposure Tournaments
Chaos Alumni with scholarships to over 30 D1 Univ.
Last three Chaos teams earned over $2.5M in athletic scholarships
Chaos 06 Battled to Semi Finals in Collinsville Extreme Tournament!!!!
Chaos 99 Collinsville Extreme Tournament!!!!
Chaos 99 Qualified!!!
Chaos 96 Qualified!!!
Chaos 04 & 06  The Chaos way. Two Chaos teams helping each other out at a practice game scrimmage! Prep for the weekend.
KC Memorial Day
Chaos 98 1st Place!!!!
Chaos 00 3rd Place!!!!
Chaos 03 1st Place!!!!
2014 Battle of the Clubs
Chaos 99 2nd Place & 96 1st Place!!!!
ASA Preseason Tourney!!
Chaos 06 2nd Place & 98 1st Place!!!!

Chaos Does it Again!!!  Two teams place first at Easter Tourney!!!!!
Chaos 99!!!!
Chaos 96!!!!
KAA Preseason Tourney!!
Chaos 06!!!!
Chaos 99!!!!
Chaos 96!!!!!
Jackey Branham & Courtney Conley  World Series Champs!!!!!!!!!
We are SO Proud of our Chaos Alumni!!!!  Way to go Girls!!!!!
"Dreams All American Showcase" in Indianapolis 1st Place (Chaos 97)!!
16U Premier National Qualifier 1st Place (Chaos 96) - berth to Premier Nationals!!
16U ASA National Qualifier 1st Place (Chaos 96) - berth to ASA Nationals!!

16U USSSA Qualifier 1st Place (Chaos 98)- berth to USSSA!!
14U ASA National & HOF Qualifier 2nd Place (Chaos 97)- berth to HOF!!
12U USSSA Qualifier
 1st Place (Chaos 00)- berth to USSSA!!
Congratulations to Emily Crane!!!! Missouri State Player of the Year Congratulations to Ellie Cooper & Emily Crane!!!!2012 Larry Hughes High School All Star Award for softball through the Gateway Classic Sports Foundation
KC Memorial Day Chaos Accomplishments!!!
18U Gold 5th Place (Chaos 96)
18U 2nd Place (Chaos 94)
14U 3rd Place (Chaos 98)
12U 3rd Place (Chaos 00)
NSA Qualifer at KAA 12U (Chaos 00) & 18U (Chaos 96) Champions!!!
USSSA Qualifier at Wapelhorst 18U Champions!!!!! (Chaos 97)
NSA Qualifier at Ozzies 14U Champions!!!! (Chaos 99)
Diamond Cat Mother's Day Tourney 18U Champions!!!! (Chaos 96)
ASA Capital City Showdown - Springfield, IL 14U Champions!!!! (Chaos 98)
ASA Preseason Tournament 18U Champions!!!! (Chaos 96)
ASA Northern National Qualifier 14U Champions!!!! (Chaos 98)
KAA Preseason 16U Champions!!!! (Chaos 98)
St. Louis Chaos Alumni News:
Congratulations to the Emily Crane 2012 Player of the Year!
Congratulations to the Chaos 1st Team All State Players!!
     Emily Crane 2012
     Natalie Fleming 2013
     Alison Szydlowski 2014
We are SO Proud of our Chaos Alumni!!!! 
College World Series Champions!!!!!!!
Jessica Damico 2014
Courtney Conley & Jackey Branham 2012
Track College Commitments by Year, School & travel team: - already showing 2018 commitments
2015 College Commitments:
Bethany Canada - Wichita State
Kennedy Frank - Drake
Kaylee Huecker - Wichita State
Brittany Nimmo - North Carolina State
Katie Reed - Kentucky
Jenny Schaper - Kentucky
Maddie Seifert - Penn State
2014 College Commitments:
Allie Craft - Northern Kentucky
Alex Linck - Jefferson College
Alina Maher - Northern Kentucky
Ashley Murphy - Truman
Alison Szydlowski - Louisville
Top 100 2015 Players!!!  #32 on the list Katie.....#37 on the list Maddie!!!